Laser Tattoo Removal in Cleveland, OH

What seemed like a great idea a few years back may not be so hot today. If you are looking for a fresh start from a tattoo, laser tattoo removal may be the way to go. Sometimes certain colors can be a pain to remove during the process, fortunately for you, our lasers are finely tuned to remedy this challenge! Whether it be for:

  •     A new job
  •     A relationship change
  •     A new take on your image
  •     Or any other reason

laser tattoo removal in cleveland ohio at enlighten aesthetic of clevelandIt’s never too late for tattoo removal. Don’t wait as you begin to take the first steps towards freshening up your image. Make an appointment with Enlighten Aesthetic of Cleveland to get the results you’ve been looking for!

Tattoo Removal Service at Enlighten Aesthetic of Cleveland

Why is Enlighten the Best Laser Tattoo Removal in Cleveland?

laser tattoo removal in cleveland ohio at enlighten aesthetic of cleveland
A laser tattoo removal done by Dr. Kim at Enlighten Aesthetic of Cleveland.

When it comes to pico lasers for laser tattoo removal, Enlighten is the latest and greatest state-of-the-art technology. Although there are other lasers including the PicoSure, the Enlighten laser has the ability to do both picoseconds and nanoseconds allowing you to seamlessly switch between the two pulse durations making tattoo removal better, faster, more efficient and more successful. The capabilities of the Enlighten laser allow for removal of tattoos in fewer sessions than would be possible with another pico laser, such as the PicoSure.

When it comes to laser tattoo removal of multi-color tattoos, the dual wavelength has a much better ability to hit and destroy those colors in fewer sessions allowing for less pain and less money spent.

Two different wavelengths that can be used allow for a versatility that works extremely well on different skin types and different tattoo colors. 532 nm and 1064 nm wavelengths are easily interchangeable with the Enlighten laser making it significantly easier to remove black tattoos, color tattoos, and tattoos of many mixed colors.

1064 nm wavelength: This is best for black ink and other dark colors, while also working best on darker skin types.

532 nm wavelength: This is the best choice for color tattoos, tattoos which contain red, orange, yellows, browns, and more.


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