Regenica® includes six unique products, each of which has the ability to improve the skin’s appearance and reduce signs of aging. When used together, the Regenica line forms a complete skin care system.

Recovery Gel

Regenica® Recovery Gel helps soothe and heal cuts, burns and other skin damage. This powerful balm heals skin faster and relieves the pain with a simple application procedure that you can do at home. Made with the MRCxTM growth factor technology and all natural ingredients, Regenica Recovery Gel gives your skin the cutting-edge help it needs to heal.

Rejuvenating Dual Serum

Regenica® Rejuvenating Dual Serum supplies the power of two rejuvenating ingredients: the groundbreaking MRCxTM growth factor technology and a skin enhancing formula made of amino acids, antioxidants, plant-based extracts and more. There’s never been a better formula to rejuvenate your skin!

Revitalizing Eye Crème

Regenica® Revitalizing Eye Crème is the eye solution you’ve been searching for. Treat the fragile skin around the eye to the gentlest and most effective treatment to reduce dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. With the MRCxTM growth factor technology and top-of-the-line moisturizing ingredients, you can finally look as energetic as you feel!

Repair Complex

Regenica® Repair Complex is a simple fix for skin that looks dull and lifeless. The restorative formula, a combination of MRCxTM growth factor technology and skin enhancing ingredients, is specially made for even the most sensitive of skin to renew your skin. Bring your skin back to life with Regenica Repair Complex!

Replenishing Crème

Regenica® Replenishing Crème is today’s answer for dry and aging skin. Combining MRCxTM growth factor technology with next generation peptides and moisturizers, Regenica Replenishing Crème is a powerful skin hydration formula with ingredients that give your skin the nourishment it needs to be at its optimal health and radiance. Rejuvenate, refresh and renew your skin!

Renew SPF 15

Regenica® Renew SPF 15 is Regenica’s answer to the sun’s damaging rays. The ultraviolet ray is no match for the MRCxTM growth factor technology. Reduce the burning, aging effects of the sun and enhance the skin’s natural repair functions with Renew SPF 15.