In today’s day and age, physical beauty is in the spotlight more than ever. It contributes to first impressions and can affect people’s self-esteem. This is why technological and scientific advances have been flourishing in medical aesthetics. One of these advancements has been micro needling.

Micro needling is a treatment that focuses on increasing the amount of collagen your skin produces. Since collagen is an important component in maintaining young, radiant skin, it has been the focus of many beauty brands and supplements. While many places sell collagen supplements, micro needling helps your body to produce more of it’s own naturally.

Micro needling works through a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure. During this procedure, fine needles are applied to the skin so that they puncture it and create a small wound. These small wounds tell the body it’s time for repair mode and the body begins producing collagen in order to fill the wounds. It also causes the formation of new capillaries, so there is an increased blood flow and elasticity in your skin when healed. The increase in collagen, capillaries and elastin contribute to younger, tighter looking skin. In addition, since it targets the deeper layers of your skin, your epidermis remains intact.

Among the benefits of increased collagen production, the reasons that people seek out micro needling are quite vast. One of the biggest reasons people use micro needling is to reduce scars and to simply tighten their skin. It can help with scars from acne as well as surgery or minor accidents. The severity of the scaring is a determinant in how long the needles used in the procedure are. The worse the scar, the deeper the needle will go. In addition, micro needling can help reduce the appearance of fine lines as well as deeply pronounced wrinkles and reduce pore size. It can even help fade stretch marks and create a more even skin tone in problem areas or in patients with melasma. Micro needling is most commonly done on the face, but can be done on other parts of your body as well.

At Enlighten Aesthetic Dr. Vlad Kim has the expertise you want in performing micro needling procedures. He is a board certified internist practicing in Lyndhurst Ohio and has many years of experience. Dr. Kim has a special interest in Aesthetic Medicine, with 12 years experience, so he knows how to treat each patient in the best possible way. Not only does he focus on giving his patients the treatment they desire, but also he always includes the emotional and physical needs of his patients.

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