Aesthetic Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

In order to age with grace, there is a great procedure available that allows you to utilize your own body. It is a natural way to remain looking young and heal the imperfections you may have. It is called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections and is an innovative way to use your own blood for cosmetic purposes.

Laser Rejuvination After Image by Enlighten Aesthetic of Cleveland

It is aLaser Rejuvination Before Image by Enlighten Aesthetic of Clevelandprocedure that has been shown to give you better overall facial rejuvenation than the previous treatments. It is the trend that celebrities use to keep their skin looking flawless and timeless. It is also safe, since it’s entirely unlikely that you will react badly to your own blood.

The way that it works is quite simple. The first step in the procedure is just like a regular doctor’s visit, you need to get blood drawn. The only difference is that this blood isn’t sent into rigorous testing. Instead, it is sent through a centrifuge so that your platelets can be isolated from your blood. The reason your platelets need to be isolated is because they contain the growth hormones present in your blood that help to encourage stem cell responses. Your body uses stem cells every single day in order to heal and regenerate damaged, diseased or missing cells or tissues. So why not use them to help rejuvenate your skin? That’s exactly what PRP injections do.

The next step in the process is micro needling. This process uses tons of tiny needles to break the surface of your skin. The needles can reach deep into the layers of your skin or be done at the surface level, depending on the patient’s need. This is done in order to open up access points for the platelets to be absorbed. The final step involves spreading the platelets over your broken skin and letting them soak in. The stem cells then get to work and start the repair job.

PRP injections are used for a wide variety of cosmetic purposes. Some of them include the reduction of wrinkles (both fine lines and deep set wrinkles), overall toning and tightening, crow’s feet, scarring, collagen loss, under eye circles and an overall increase in your skin’s radiance. PRP can also be used for hair restoration as well as to help increase the elasticity in joints.

At Enlighten Aesthetic Dr. Vlad Kim is a board certified internist who practices in Lyndhurst Ohio. He has 12 years of experience in Aesthetic Medicine alone and has a special interest in all things Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Kim believes that helping a patient look as good as they feel is an important part of patient care. This is why he has taken the time to become a specialist in PRP injections and will give you the best care possible. He focuses on using PRP injections for cosmetic purposes, facial rejuvenation, in combination with fillers, with hair restoration and to a lesser degree, for joints.

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