Injectables, Fillers and Botox in Cleveland

Cosmetic injectables are a popular addition to the beauty routine for both women and men. With the help of our experienced team members, this treatment could change your life! In as little as 30 minutes, injectable fillers and relaxers can:

  •     Relax muscles that cause creases and lines
  •     Fill in wrinkles, scars and imperfections
  •     Plump cheeks and lips that have lost their fullness
  •     Restore the rested, energetic look of your youth

With injectables, you can enhance your natural looks for a fraction of what a traditional face lift costs, with minimal discomfort and no surgery or downtime. Speak with our team to see if cosmetic injectables are right for you.


For tight, youthful skin, there’s no better quick fix than a Botox injection. In a matter of days and without any surgery or downtime, you can be enjoying beautiful, wrinkle-free skin just as you did in your youth. The results are astonishingly effective and can last for several months.

Dr. Vlad Kim has been offering BOTOX® to his patients for over twelve years. A well established neurotoxin, BOTOX® relaxes the contraction of muscles in the eye and forehead area for a three to four month period of time. BOTOX® botulinum toxin type A has been used in the medical field for over 25 years. It’s use for cosmetic purposes is well established and safe. When choosing a BOTOX® provider, choose experience and safety at Enlighten Aesthetic of Cleveland, where an artistic eye and experienced physician is your provider. Learn more about Botox.

Injectables - Before | Enlighten Aesthetic of Cleveland, Lynhurst, OH 44124Injectables - After | Enlighten Aesthetic of Cleveland, Lynhurst, OH 44124


For those looking to get rid of pesky frown lines, look no further than Dysport! Dysport is a prescription injectable designed to smooth out frown lines while keeping all other muscles working normally, resulting in a very natural appearance. Results can be expected after around three days and can last up to four months. Learn more about Dysport.


Enlighten is proud to offer Restylane dermal fillers for smoothing out wrinkles and adding volume to parts of the face as well as a number of other products from the Restylane line. Learn more about Restylane.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty with Restylane in Cleveland

A non-surgical rhinoplasty is a non-invasive nose job which alters the shape of the nose with dermal fillers such as Restylane. At Enlighten Aesthetic of Cleveland, Dr. Kim performs non-surgical rhinoplasties with meticulous technique to create the best looking and longest lasting results. Non-surgical rhinoplasties are long lasting but not permanent. Restylane usually lasts from 12 to 18 months.

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Restylane Silk

As you age, you lips will become much thinner and you will develop fine lines around your mouth. Don’t just accept these changes! Fight them with Restylane Silk! Learn more about Restylane Silk.

Restylane Lyft

Do you wish there was an easy way to have a smooth, youthful face once again? Now there is! With Restylane Lyft, you can quickly and easily get rid of smile lines and perk up your cheeks. Learn more about Restylane Lyft.


You don’t have to just accept smile lines or acne scars! Bellafill is the ONLY 5 year filler and an excellent injectable dermal filler for smoothing out smile lines and the only one FDA approved for correcting acne scars. Ask Enlighten Aesthetic of Cleveland about Bellafill today if you’re ready to have the smooth, beautiful face you’ve always wanted! Learn more about Bellafill.

Check out this informational slide show about Bellafill.


Over time, you may notice your cheeks becoming flat and shapeless. Fight this effect of aging with Juvéderm Voluma! Voluma is a state-of-the-art dermal filler injected into the cheeks that brings volume back to the face and rejuvenates your appearance. Learn more about Voluma.


Xeomin works along the same lines as Botox. It is injected directly into facial muscles in order decrease or even eliminate deep wrinkles, especially frown lines. After the injections, you should experience much smoother, younger-looking skin for the next (roughly) three months until your next injection. Learn more about Xeomin.


Never before has it been so easy to turn back the clock and look as young as you feel, with Radiesse! Radiesse is a breakthrough volumizing injectable that has been approved for treating a number of different signs of aging. Like many other treatments, Radiesse works great for reducing and eliminating wrinkles and folds on your face, but unlike most treatments, Radiesse can also be used to volumize old-looking, veiny hands that easily give away your true age. Fight aging in all its frightful forms with Radiesse! Learn more about Radiesse.


Looking for a quick and easy way to reduce your double chin? Kybella is for you! In many cases, double chins (submental fat) are hereditary and have little to do with physical fitness. While harmless, submental fat can cause a person to look out of shape or even much older than they are. Kybella is a state-of-the-art injectable used to permanently eliminate fat cells in the submental area producing a youthful, fit appearance in as little as 24 hours. Learn more about Kybella.